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Every Child Is A Story Yet To Be Told...

Austin Dyslexia Reading Center

Please send your child with the appropriate supplies to each session.

These include:

  • Our dyslexia ‘trapper notebook' which is a single '3 ring notebook' encased in a fabric which can be zip closed. The ‘double' 3 ring notebooks look impressive but they are more hassle than they are worth and more expensive. PLEASE refrain from buying the double notebook. *As a precaution, tuck away your receipt for your child’s trapper as they sometimes break and the store will give you an exchange. The one pictured to the right is from Target but can be purchased at Wal-Mart, HEB, and most places where school supplies are sold.
  • Pencil case that fits inside the ‘trapper’ to hold the items listed below.
  • 2 sharpened pencils
  • Glue stick
  • 3 highlighters (yellow, blue and orange). No other colors will be used during or sessions.
  • 2 ‘thin’ dry erase EXPO markers (no 'vis a vis' markers or ‘washable’ dry erase markers).
  • Small pack of sharpened colored pencils.
  • 75 index cards (3x5 size). These will be used as your child’s personal list of sounds, concepts cards, vocabulary words, sight words and/or root cards that need to be learned.
  • One composition book or spiral notebook (approximately 70 pages) that will be used for dictation/spelling exercises. 

Please send your child with the following labels on their tabbed dividers for the specific sections in their notebook (type or write them very neatly so your child can read them) in the following order:

  • HOMEWORK-(this is our lesson plan for you that you will receive AFTER the first week)
  • SOUNDS-(they should practice these daily)
  • SPELLING RULES - (review each spelling rule frequently once it has been introduced)
  • SIGHT WORDS - (they should practice these daily and gain speed at reading the words)
  • READER - (see lesson plan for guidance to practice very specific reading pages-do not work ahead)
  • WORKBOOK - (specific workbook pages will need to be completed as part of their homework)
  • HANDWRITING - (this will be taught in class and ONLY the letters TAUGHT by us should be practiced)

If your child is in going into the 5th grade or above, please include these labels for our morphology study:


NO OTHER SUPPLIES are needed and are found to be too distracting. Please keep extra supplies at home.