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Every Child Is A Story Yet To Be Told...

Austin Dyslexia Reading Center

Please email us for specifics regarding a 'Dyslexia Evaluation' for your child.

Penny Chilcutt, M.Ed., W.D.P.


[email protected]

Penny has been evaluating children for dyslexia for 22 years with Round Rock ISD and privately.


Additionally, she has worked for Scottish Rite in Austin and has tested numerous students for Scottish Rite.


Our dyslexia evaluation follows the Scottish Rite testing model. Our initial training for dyslexia testing was with Scottish Rite in Dallas after correlates with their evaluation model.


Our evaluation background also includes additional training that was updated at Region 13 in Austin for all tests given, training with the Nancy Mathers (author of the Woodcock Johnson), training with ProEd from the author of the GORT.


Our training has been continually updated throughout her 22 years of evaluation experience in additional to her degree.

Evaluation prices are structured to meet your child's individual needs, eliminate unnecessary testing, and to streamline the cost of dyslexia testing.

  • $650.00 for dyslexia testing
  • $150.00 for cognitive testing (IQ) in conjunction with dyslexia testing
  • $100.00 for additional dysgraphia testing
  • $60.00 per hour for consultation fees, if needed.

Questionnaires will be emailed to parents to complete before an evaluation begins to obtain the necessary background information.

A written report will be included with each evaluation.

For your convenience, the report can be emailed to you to share with your school system for an immediate turn around.

Tests administered to determine dyslexia approved by Scottish Rite and the majority of school systems:



WJ-4 (Woodcock Johnson Achievement Test)

  • Letter-Word Identification
  • Applied Problems
  • Spelling
  • Passage Comprehension
  • Sentence Writing Fluency Attack
  • Additional subtests given if necessary

WJ-4 (Woodcock Johnson Achievement-Oral Language)

  • Oral Comprehension (if needed)

CTOPP-2 (Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing)

  • Phonological Awareness (elision, blending words, phoneme isolation)
  • Phonological Memory (memory for digits, non-word repetition)
  • Rapid Symbolic Naming (rapid digit naming, rapid letter naming, for kindergarten students; rapid color naming and rapid object naming)

GORT-5 (Gray Oral Reading Test)

  • Rate
  • Accuracy
  • Fluency
  • Reading Comprehension

TWS-5 (Test of Written Spelling)


TOWRE-2 (Test of Word Reading Efficiency)

Sight Word Efficiency (real words)

Phonemic Decoding Efficiency (nonsense words)


  • Editing (WJ-4)
  • Writing Samples (WJ-4)
  • Writing Speed
  • Writing Samples
  • Analysis of child's handwriting (formation of letters)
  • Analysis of child's written expression (thoughts)
  • Questionnaire of writing characteristics from parents
  • Questionnaire of writing characteristics from teacher
  • Interview with child


WJ-4 Cognitive (WoodcockJohnson Cognitive Ability Test)

Additional Testing upon request but not necessary for dyslexia or dysgraphia identification.

  • WADE: Wilson designed test for reading placement
  • WIST (Word Identification and Spelling Test)
  • TOSCRF (Test of Silent Contextual Reading Fluency)